Monday, March 15, 2010

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a not so productive [SPRING BREAK]

[This is edited.. big time] Lets start out with this picture I found on friends blog, which I find very true and interesting. It makes me think that I never thought I would be living in the midwest. I grew up in California my whole life and thought i was never going to leave, which now i look at it was unrealistic. We moved to the best city in the world, chicago (my opinion.. i love it there) and it didn't work out for us, but i still love it. Than we moved to literally bfe in champaign-urbana, which I hated for a really long time (you can look at earlier posts, especially related to work). Now its not so bad, things are starting to look up and that's a really good feeling. i am nursing school, it's still very weird to say and believe. We have a wonderful house, which I also didn't like at first but now I love. It is amazing at accommodating people when we host parties. We are slowly working on it, painting it, and making it our own. We have not lived here a full year so we don't know what is growing in the back yard but I am so excited to see what it is. We also haven't unpacked everything as well so we are working on that too. But so far so good. I am also looking ahead and where I would want to work when i am done with school. I have an opportunity to sign a 3 year contract with my current employer, but I don't know there are pros and cons to it so we will have to see. Thats the up date so far.
School is the hardest, best thing ever and the craziest, hardest, worst thing ever. I know that if when I make it through this with peter peter pumpkin eater he is right for me because let me tell you, he has already seen me on my best days when I am beaming from ear and ear and on my worst days when I am so disappointed in myself. So thats what its like and bring it on, I am ready. I can't believe how much we have learned already it is so cool.