Monday, April 30, 2012

2 blankets and a package

This past weekend was a whirlwind of chaos and fun.
I will talk more about it later this week. 

Here is a non- weekend related post, but about a package I sent out last week.
(I already got a picture, that they received it, so it was time to share)

Our friend, T was pregnant for what seemed like forever
She has a daughter who is 3 and called her new brother spidey while in mommy's belly

So of course I had to make this "spidey" blanket for the new baby

This blanket was very easy. It is very similar to a normal zig zag crochet blanket just in the round

where you make a peak by doing 2  dc (double crochet) ch 2 2 dc in the same spot
or a dip (valley) when you skip two stitches

The black is all sc (single crochet)
It is a very very easy blanket to make.

So onto blanket number 2
I had to make a blanket for the toddler as well
The toddler just got a big girls room and I had to match it

her mom and dad did such an awsome job on her big girl room

I used a varigated pink and lime green yarn that I loved

The stitch is just a basic "puff stitch" 
this puff stitch = 1 sc 3 ch 3 dc
you work the puffs in the ch 3 spaces
I added a pink ruffled trim to make it girly,  which is 4 rows of sc and a scallop stich
scallop stitch = 5 dc in one space

Here are the kiddos with there blankets.
This is  always my favorite part when I make things

What have you made lately?


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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Oh the shades..

Back when i was re doing the half bath (which feels like forever ago, btw) I knew these dingi off white blinds had go to go.. all those spots and they didn't even work properly.

So I decided to make some DIY roman shades, because i found this fabric and it just went from there.

Making roman shades, is super easy. Don't let it fool you.

 Measure out your fabric including a heam allowance of about a 1/2" to 1". Than iron until everything is smooth
Take your blinds and extend them as long as they will go. You want to cut the ladder cords, if you stay on the top (the side you can see now) you will have no problem not cutting the really thick string that acts as the pully for you roman shade
All evened up and ironed out, I used tacky glue and glued the slats on the curve side. Becareful not to glue the strings.

I glues the tops and bottomw up and over the bars. On the top I had to leave some unglued areas so that the bar could slide back in place.

Up and looking good.

 From the side

rolled up at night

rolled up during the day

and thats how you DIY your own roman shade, I love how it came out what do you think?

Have you tried making your own roman shade yet?

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I have been revamping things are here to give ti a younger cooler hey look at me i am simple kind of feel.. what do you think?
I am kinda in love.

On relatively the same news, since Picnic has merged with Google + and I have the design/ photoshop skills as a 2 year old I resorted back to Photobucket for my design needs.
I am still getting use to it, but it is super easy to use and has a lot more effects than it once did.

This is not a sponsored post about photobucket, just my opinion.

I have been working on some great stuff. Also, if you didn't notice i took down my shop for a breif period and hopefully to come back with a bang, also working on brand messaging and coolness over there too.

Monday, April 23, 2012

T- 5 days

We will be running the full marathon in our little town
Yes we are FULLY CRAZY and Yes we need all the support we can get

We are two peas in a pod and its going to be a great time.
If you live in the C-U you should come out and support.
Its going to be a good time.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

3 things thursday

So this has been a really long and hard work week for me so to say that I am happy that it is almost over is an understatement, but lets contiue with three things (that made me happy this week) thursday

1. I found my new favorite perfume (per say)

My favorite thing is smelling like an old person

2. Knowing the marathon is in a week and a half.. ugh.
I am excited and nervous all at the same time. This martahon I will be running with my partner in crime from derby who has the same name as me. Even though this is my number 7 this is her first. We are just running to finish but i would love to finish in sub 5 but we will see how it goes.
 Any ideas for running outfits? anyone.. bueller?

Yes, I am completely crazy, but I like it that way.
3.  P will coming home this weekend and we have a date night planned.
Last Monday he was not suppose to work, but called in anyways and had to rush back to ohio where he has been working 14 hour days. I miss him a lot this week so we are planning on having a date night this weekend and I am so happy.

Maybe it will be half as entertaining as this movie.. heres for hoping.

What are the things that made you happy this week? 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The "Red" Queen

This weekend we traveled roughly 4 hours to Evansville, Indiana for a roller derby bout
Our travel team was playing in their first WFTDA bout (the big time)

Look a theme.. yes yes. 
We got dressed up 

P was the madd hatter and I was the red queen


My version
I took an existing corset added gold sequins trim, made a red skirt with elastic and added the gold hearts than took 24 yards of tulle and made a tutu using ribbon, made the septor from a dowel rod and wire and painted it gold

part of the half time show using mop buckets

yup thats P in his yellow plaid suit


P getting his golden number at the after party

The lovely smashmouth

giving me some love.

So any dressing up for you this weekend?
What do you think of our costumes?

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

We will be having fun

So, i am going home (California) in June for my besties wedding and while i am home I got crazy and agreed to throw my sister and happy graduation party as her gift from since i am mostly poor now that P is a pilot and not a janitor (funny how that works), anyways I got inspiration from Dr. Seuss and wanted it to be whimsical and fun and childish. 
Remember when you were a child and things didn't matter, good times.
So these are the invites I have created..

Bright pink with rainbows and an embossed hot air balloon
(envelope and front of card)

I found this quote and didn't think it could get much more perfect for the theme
"If you never did, you should. There things are fun and fun is good" - Dr. Seuss

hot air balloon

I typed all the details on a type writer and there might be some typos but thats the fun in having a type writer

This is a customizable stamp than i hand wrote the and but I love it.

What do you think?

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

half bath

Mini Make over monday part 2

So our half bath is one of the projects that needs the full monty done to it and i finally dug into phase I of this project this past week. This bathroom is tiny measuring in at about 4x13 feet it barely has room for a toilet and sink.  Not to mention that when we moved in it was the color of frog tape.


Lots of green

 I took down the giant towel bar  and patched up the holes

First coat ( I used behr 2 in 1 paint and primer)

Second coat

New harware

Bought a 0.70$ old pencil sharpener for the hand towel holder

Made a roman shade out of the previous dingy blinds

Worked on a canvas (its not done yet)

With everything in place including the cat

Total spent:
pant and supplies: $20
fabric: $4
new faceplate: 3.00
pencil sharpener: 0.70$
trashcan (from target on clearance): $14
total: 41.70

Its not free, but i don;t thinks its too shabby

What do you think?

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