Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The problems: the entry way

 So I have been stuck in many ways with this entry way and what we need 
When we moved in it looked like this:

Big stark white walls and kind of a mess

The issues I have with this wall is 
1. the closet is behind the door when it is open and hard to get to
2. We have a room divider that serves no other purpose than to throw stuff
3. There is a big blank wall after the closet that is "just there" 

So after I painted the living room Crocodile tears by Olympic, got a coat rack from ikea, a mirror from Gordmans and a side table fromTJ maxx this is what we had. 
(sorry, for the blurry picture)
Kinda bland and semi-functional. 
I have some ideas and have been looking around pinterest for some inspiration.
This is what I have found:

I love the mixture of textures

Again, love the textures and old/new look.

Love the functionality of it

So, my entry way needs to have a few things:
1. storage
2. functionality for bills, mail, magazines, etc.
3. Somewhere to put your keys
4. Look good and match the rest of the house

Are you working on or thinking of a new project?


Monday, February 25, 2013

St. Louis

This past weekend I went to visit P in St Louis.

It was time and I have not been there in my adult life.

We got dinner and headed to the city museum
If you have never been you walk in to a massive indoor playground with sensory overload of sounds and sites everywhere. You don't get a map and are encouraged to explore.

We walked to the right and the first thing I saw was spiral tube that went into a tree and the first the thing that popped in my head, was can I climb up this?
Well, I did and yes it was encouraged.

I was exploring into this dark abyss when I found a whole I squeezed myself through than ducked onto my knees where than I found a door into "the caves"

It opened up to this wide area of spiral staircases and slides (see bottom )
We found out it use to be a shoe factory and the slides use to be used to send the shoes down 10 stories.

There are cracks and crevices everywhere and some of them you can't fit into, but it was fun trying.

Overall, it was awsome time and we both had a great date. 
Any fun places you've been lately?

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Not your grandma's crochet

For christmas (yes, I know that was awhile ago) I was in charge of making/buying the girly gifts
which included one of our good friends, Tara.
Who plays derby on my league.

I found this grid pattern and could not resist. She is on the boneyard bombshells and they have this thing with skulls and it was perfect.

I immediately thought of a bag/tote or something similar would be perfect, so I got working.

On the sides I did a checkerboard pattern, the bottom is double layered

The back I put her derby name. I single crocheted it all together and wah-la! 

What do you think?
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 So, P and I are not traditional people and just do whatever for hallmark holidays. 
Last year you can read about my scavenger hunt the weekend before here

This year we were both gone the week before and it just turned out that we were both going to be home and off that day, which rarely happens during the week nowadays. 
I left the planning up to him and to my surprise, everything was perfect. 

His idea was to make dinner (steak and potatoes) and play/learn how to play scrabble.
We went shopping for all the ingredients together, bought the game, came home and got ready.

We dressed up because honestly we never need an excuse to dress up, its fun for us.
We also took some pretty bad pictures.

(I look like I murdered someone in the above picture and am hiding the weapon under my dress)


Handsome; real men wear tuxedos after 5

Dessert: was my baby

I made homemade whip cream strawberries with pound cake and chocolate on top

It was delicious and the perfect day.
What did you guys do for V-Day?Anything unusual/ exciting?

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Another on bites the dust: Part II

So, a couple weeks ago I posted about breaking my glasses here

This is my guide to buy glasses online

Well, I did some research and I looked up a few glasses sites 
I really liked the styles at Zenni Optical and the price was tough to say no. 

A few tips:
1. Your optometrist has to give you your prescription
2. Make sure you get your pupil size; you literally can walk in and get it in 2 mins for free
3. Make sure you measure your face

All frame size dimensions measured in millimeters
Lens Width: Horizontal measurement of one lens from the widest point to the widest point.
Lens Height: Vertical measurement of one lens from the lowest point to the highest point.
Bridge: Measurement of the distance from the inside edge of one lens, across the nose to the inside edge of the other lens.
Frame Width: The full width of the frame as seen from the front
Temple Length: The length of the temple arm from the front of the frame all the way to the tip at the end of the earpiece
Frame Weight: Overall frame weight in grams with a 1.50 index lens
Frame Dimensions

This is information from the Zenni website. Each pair of glasses is categorized at small, medium, and large. Than has the sizes for each category to give a snigger fit. 
4. Don't be cheap! These are your eyes, pay extra for anti-glare or smaller frames, etc. It is worth it

I ordered the Tortoiseshell glasses # 256325 and I love them.
I am blind and usually require very thick lenses which come free, I could never afford the thin lenses before but with the extras my glasses were still under $50, which is awsome in my book.

Where do you buy your glasses? 

This is not a sponsored post and 100% my opinion.