Wednesday, February 20, 2013


 So, P and I are not traditional people and just do whatever for hallmark holidays. 
Last year you can read about my scavenger hunt the weekend before here

This year we were both gone the week before and it just turned out that we were both going to be home and off that day, which rarely happens during the week nowadays. 
I left the planning up to him and to my surprise, everything was perfect. 

His idea was to make dinner (steak and potatoes) and play/learn how to play scrabble.
We went shopping for all the ingredients together, bought the game, came home and got ready.

We dressed up because honestly we never need an excuse to dress up, its fun for us.
We also took some pretty bad pictures.

(I look like I murdered someone in the above picture and am hiding the weapon under my dress)


Handsome; real men wear tuxedos after 5

Dessert: was my baby

I made homemade whip cream strawberries with pound cake and chocolate on top

It was delicious and the perfect day.
What did you guys do for V-Day?Anything unusual/ exciting?

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