Monday, February 25, 2013

St. Louis

This past weekend I went to visit P in St Louis.

It was time and I have not been there in my adult life.

We got dinner and headed to the city museum
If you have never been you walk in to a massive indoor playground with sensory overload of sounds and sites everywhere. You don't get a map and are encouraged to explore.

We walked to the right and the first thing I saw was spiral tube that went into a tree and the first the thing that popped in my head, was can I climb up this?
Well, I did and yes it was encouraged.

I was exploring into this dark abyss when I found a whole I squeezed myself through than ducked onto my knees where than I found a door into "the caves"

It opened up to this wide area of spiral staircases and slides (see bottom )
We found out it use to be a shoe factory and the slides use to be used to send the shoes down 10 stories.

There are cracks and crevices everywhere and some of them you can't fit into, but it was fun trying.

Overall, it was awsome time and we both had a great date. 
Any fun places you've been lately?

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  1. That place looks AWESOME! And by the way your husbands stach is amazing!


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