Wednesday, June 23, 2010

feeling defeated much?

YES! please. So last week my computer [betty] took a crash and i made a rash decision to get another mac. I had the NICEST lady at best buy and she convinced me this was best for me. Best part of it is I opened a best buy credit card that is interest free for 18 months, so i will have it paid off by the time I graduate from nursing school which is AMAZING! and the difference in the last 4 or 5 years (I really, can't remember how long its been) is AWSOME. This battery last 10 hours. thats freakin' unreal and just all new gadgets and things is really cool too.
Anyways.. back to being defeated so I painted the whole room and feel completely embarrassed and will not post pictures because it did not come out right. It is streaking and ugly and PETER peter pumpkin eater hates it a big fat one. Well, he talked to his dad (Dwaine-- who is a little scary) and now its his mission to teach me how to paint. great. ugh.. we will see. I have been reading a lot of DIY blogs and I think its just because I am covering up brown wood paneling and its going to take ALOT of paint. we will see how it goes. I am getting close but so far away.
On another note.. MARRIAGE. my favorite topic.. haha. If only I could explain why I am so obsessed with the topic. New plan-- we are having a destination wedding/honeymoon than coming back to a PARTY in my back yard. We (well scratch that, I) am thinking about the US virgin islands. any opinions?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

progress.. you are my friend

Ok, so the last time i left you I had ideas coming out from every where and took some advice and free will and went on with it. I have completed half of the painting (i am only painting one wall at a time, simply because I never have more than one day off at a time). So my budget for this project is at or around $400. I am broke give me a break but i have been getting a lot of ideas from sherri and John at So the break down so far is:
Lowes (paint, tape, brushes, etc)-- 100
Target (rug curtain rod, and comforter cover)-- 100
Bench from craigslist -- 40
Mirror from habitat that I refurbished into a chalk board-- 10
DVD thing 9for most of my dvds) from craigslist-- 12

so, so far I am up to around 262.. not to shabby. All i need to next is paint the other two walls. Find a solution for the door into the kitchen, which I was thinking window grate thingys ( I forgot what they are called) and curtains of course.

Enjoy the pictures. Advice is always welcome.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

ok.. opinions please.

I need opinions.. Of my study I have plans but not sure if they work let me know. Just so you know my study is about an 8x10 room(clocet) with wood panneling.

These are the before

this is what I am thinking:
this is a round rug I found at walmart for around $100
these are the curtains i want from uo for $38/each
This is stoarage for all of my dvds from ikea $80
this is a mirror I bought for $10 and painted and made a chalk board
I was going to paint the wall a dull white every other panel and a shiny white on the others.. what do you think?

Friday, June 4, 2010

have you ever ..

been in a room you absolutely hate.. well that's is the story with my study. I switch things around constantly hoping that it might open it up .. but no luck. I know i have to paint the wood but I am procrastinating. and I am also thinking about painting my desk. ugh.. I just want it perfect already.. haha. like thats going to happen over night.

ps. I bought tickets home for weds aug 4th til aug 18th.. 2 whole weeks to do whatever I want. woo hoo!