Sunday, October 21, 2012

halloween crafts: dinning room

I last left you with the costume awards I made here
Today we are going to talk about the dinning room as it transforms to halloween party ready

Lets start with this darling dancing skeleton table runner

The fabric is from joann's and I used the same tutorial as the diy baby shower found here

I love this picture found here on pinteret

I just needed a little more spook and little less class
so here is my rendition

I love the way it turned out

and the illusion of bleeding candles

I took a red tapered candle and waited for wax and dripped it along the sides of all the candles

Moving on to the infamous window

And of course I had to use some spider webs on the chandelier in the dinning room

What do you think? Do you decorate your dinning room?


Friday, October 19, 2012


As I woke up that morning I had a million things on my mind. Such as what should I wear, what's going to happen today, will it be that bad, is this the right decision, etc. Let's rewind. I started this position at the local health department while I was still in school. I have been at this position 2 weeks shy of 1 year. This was my first "real" nursing job. That is so hard to think about. Sometimes I can't believe that it is all real. Ok back to that day.. I kept reverting back to high school on the last day when everyone is so happy to be out of there, but sad that your friends wont be together. My last day of work was uneventful and slightly disappointing. I spent the whole morning giving vaccinations. I have been scarred of giving shots for the last year because your injecting someone with a known substance and hoping nothing will happen. I do not give a lot of shots, but today was the exception. I think I gave over 50 shots that morning. It was a day of a ton of emotions for me and a lot of anxiety of the unknown.

Now that it has been 4 days in my new position at a local hospital, these feelings have faded. As I sit in orientation, working in a hospital it is still so surreal to me. I have never been the person who thought that this was an option for me.  I have not been on the floor yet, everyone during orientation has been super nice. I feel like we have been getting front loaded with a ton of information. I have noticed that just sitting and listening to people talk is more emotionally and physically tiring than being up and mobile. I also find myself constantly being hungry, all i want to do is eat. What I do eat never seems to be enough, which is crazy to me.

Isn't it funny how our bodies respond to stress, anxiety and soemthign new. It amazes me how well things have been going besides being hungry and tired. On the plus side, I am sleeping slightly better and my husband has been home this week (at 4am), but still.

Any strange new changes in your life?


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Halloween crafts: costume awards

Let's start off with halloween is my favorite time of year. The weather is awsome (love fall, mainly because i didn't have it growing up) and any time I can dress up I do, duh!.

So this year we took over the halloween party from a few friends of ours and planning has been in process for a few weeks now.

We had to have awards and I decided on doings these guys, which i found on pinterest

This is Mizerella's rendition from 102 wicked things to do

pretty awsome right?

I found these 16in skeletons at Dollar tree picked up 4 and found these plaques for less than 75 cents and some gold spray paint with a 40% off coupons from michaels and I was all set.

So take your skeleton and follow her instructions. I took my joints apart and glues them together on the plaque and than spray paint

This is my award for best costume. (yes, he is side ways because he is cool liek that)

This is the award for best couple or group

pretty cool right? I have one more to make but it was so easy.
What do you use as awards? 
Want one, well you have to earn it. 


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

DIY Baby shower

A couple weekends ago I shared with you a baby shower I threw for my sister in law here

Well, I am back to show you all the decor

The flowers for the center pieces on the tables were made from this post, I did stickers and cupcake liners. 

The napkins were made using this tutorial

The runner was made from chevron fabric from hobby lobby and the same tutorial for the meitered corner look

The banners were used from scrap paper I had and cut into triangles and than used ribbon to attach all of the triangles together and hung with tape.

I used my scrabble letters and

decorated the window in our dinning room accordingly

The fruit cups were made using this tutorial

The veggie tray was made by mil and her husband.
I would say it was a success.

I loved decorating for this party.
How do you decorate for a baby shower?


I will be linking up this week here

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Let's get real: distance

Some of you may or may not know that my husband, P,  has been living 4 hours away during the week and coming home every weekend to see me for the past 6 months.

If You did not know that P decided to pursue his career as a pilot after I got done with school. He let me do my thing and I felt it appropriate to do his thing. As I talked about here.

We He received a call last weekend saying he would be working closer to home and staying at home now until the end of the year.

This job is still temporary until something better happens to come along, but there are still no guarntees on where he be going.

I wanted to reflect and answer some questions people have had
1. Is it hard? It has actually not been that bad. Yes, I got lonely but we also got a roommate around the same time and that helped out.
2. Do you miss him? Of course I miss him, but lets face it I am a pretty independent woman and like to do things on my own. Moving to Champaign has been hard for me and finding friends has been even harder. I am not as outspoken as peter and sometimes considered shy when you first meet me. This time away from peter was awsome for me to extend out and not be such a home body but to make friends and get in touch with my team and do my own thing.
3. Do you fight more or less? We fight, yes. We are not exempt from that and honestly I don't think anyone is. We fought quite a bit at the begining and started to get more into the flow of things. Since he got this job, our weekends have been more valuable and spent doing things, not lounging around. On the same account when we fight they usually last all weekend and kinda ruin it, but we are trying to be more effcient at fighting and saying how we I feel.
4. Do you ever go see him? I went to Ohio once to see P as talked about here and here. It was a blast of a weekend.
5. Will you miss it? I will miss it because I have gotten into my own swing of things as discussed in #2, but it will be super nice to come home to a husband and eat dinner with him. I don't know how it will be, but we will just have to wait and see.

Have you ever lived apart from your significant other, how was is it? How did you cope?


Thursday, October 4, 2012


They happen often, sometime without warning but are usually welcomed.
 (no I am not pregnant)
This is different..

Anyways, do you believe in fortune cookies? Ido.

Well, It's true.
I got this fortune on friday (9/28) and I found out yesterday(10/3)
pretty awsome, right?

I think so.
I will be working at a local hospital getting some real experience and trying to find what I like.

I am pretty excited for this new change.

Any big changes happening in your life?


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

this weekend in photos: baby shower

This weekend I threw my sister in law a baby shower

Us, goofing off

chuck dog


Everyone, kinda

The expecting couple

P's dad and step mom

P and his mom

The cat and the gift table

Did you throw any parties this past weekend?

Monday, October 1, 2012

Something new, something old ..

When i say that you automatically think of a wedding well this post is not about that. 
After discussing this with a work mate i had to share with you 
my favoriteist (yes thats a word in my dictionary) quilt.


My parents may be pack rats but they kept shirts from when I was born until a little after high school 
my mom blocked them together than sent them to my grandmother who sewed them all together and embroidered each shirt.

This was the last quilt my grandmother could quilt because she is getting too old to see what she is doing. 

I picked out the backing, it is pink polka dots =) 
We use it on our bed, and I absolutely love it.

Side note (a couple months later as this is sitting in my draft box) I looked at the quilt and thought of all the memories associated with the different shirts.  I do not remeber how I obtained most of the shirts just the memory of the day or the event. I thought it was pretty cool.

Pretty awsome, right?
Do you have anything like it?