Thursday, August 2, 2012

Mini-vacation: Day two

So, I talked about Day one of my mini vacation to Ohio here

On Day two we traveled from Cincinnati to Dayton.
On our way to Dayton we made a few pit stops (you'll read about one tomorrow) including breakfast

In Dayton we went to the National Air force museum
(yes, P's dream)
They had all kinds of airplanes/aircraft, etc

First military bomber

An ambulance

they used Model T's because they are reliable

Disney and the war
there was a fleet called snow white and the seven dwarfs each aircraft carried around those figurines in the box. Each plane had a character on the aircraft

new derby name?

another option.. they also had the plane that dropped the atomic bomb on Nagasaki in the main museum.  

Than you could take a free tour to the annex at the actual air force base and see experimental and important to history aircraft.

this is Roosevelt's air force one

equipped with an elevator he used to get in the plane and maneuver throughout..pretty cool huh?

This was Eisenhower's air force one (I think) and there was also one there that carried JFKs body back to DC after he was shot

many helicopter

this thing was called a goblin and it would attach to an aircraft via hook on top and than let go it was awsome.

Been to any cool museums lately? Oh, best part the museum was free even the annex.


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