Thursday, June 23, 2011


I do not know if I am now partial to wedding gifts but now being on both ends I 1. do not have a lot of money 2. prefer handmade over store bought and 3. hate returning items for what ever reason thus I hate buying wedding gifts. I think i have now found my go to gift and its super cheap (less than $10, but no one else needs to know that).

So here is the box, simple but LOVES IT!

So inside the box you have two ( yes I was too lazy to unwrap both) over sized mugs and a set of 4 handmade chalkboard coasters.

Pier 1 mugs $4.00 ea (i think)
0.50$ for all the tiles
0.25$ for the felt 
chalkboard paint, twine, and chalk .. already owned

I primed my tiles because they are very slippery and you want your paint to bind as much as possible especially because you are going to write on them etc. 

Than wait til it is completely dry and spray the chalk board paint. I have the spray and the regular and i like the spray better because you dont get line marks from a brush ( if i used the right brush i probably wouldn't get lines, oh well) and spray a few coats, drying in between and all the way after. It only takes about 10 minutes to dry.

I used a hot glue gun and glued the felt on the back so that your coaster can slide on your table or whatever with out scratching it

and your DONE! how easy was that?

What is your go to wedding gift?

broken promises..

I lied, i made promises i couldn't keep and now i am going to bed. I also stole this from Alyssa at married in chicago.. see what this summer school, wedding planning, working non-sence, and house gathering is doing to me. This is what i have become.. a go to bed at 9 type of person to achieve 10 hours of sleep (which ok i might have done before but now it warranted.)

I will come back to you soon..

Monday, June 13, 2011

sorry i have been M.I.A.

Sorry guys I have been MIA.. I have been really busy with classes and such. I will be posting later this week on a new easy cheap project i kinda love, more than.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

welcome station..

So as you know i am not your normal bride, so for our "welcome station" i didn't want to put all the effort to make/buy a book that I would personally never look at. So i decided to do this ..

i used bookmarks (that are already made) from Michaels hole punched and put ribbon. I bought this awsome little table for $15 and had everything else.. woo hoo! 

The plan is to take our favorites and put them into a shadow box and keep them forever =)

I also like the idea of a card box so that they do not get lost, etc. 
so when i found this great little picnic basket for $6!!!! I knew it was perfect.

I made this sign, with the help of a friend and crossed it off my list.. yay! 

I love the way it looks.
What did you do for your welcome station/guest book?