Saturday, February 20, 2010

No more cupcakes =(

So, today at lunch of course eating a burger I shouldn't have been eating we (my friend, anna and I) decided that we want bikini bodies by the summer, well kinda we want to lose 20 lbs by May. Thats reasonable. I am also running a half marathon May 1st and so with that said the first thing to do say no more cupcakes. sad day oh well thats the way its got to be. i can't give up dairy right now but maybe in the future. i really like milk now and i dont have bad gas (i know, TMI) but we will see when we get closer it will also be harder because I now drink milk all the time. so we will see. Until next time and hopefully lighter.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

week # 4.. dun dun DUN!

i honestly don't even want to think that far ahead, but this week is going to suck more than usual because my nerve are going through the roof. Monday-- first clinical which i am scared shitless about and of course have to do a report on that and journal entry. Tuesday-- foundations test #2
Wednesday-- pharm test #2 and test out #1 for assessment and than good old thursdays.. how i love thee-- just lab than, friday-- work 12 hours 7a to 7p and saturday-- work 12 hours 7p to 7a .. thats right over night, sunday-- work 6 hours 5p to 11p

wow! thats a long tough week.. we can get through this one day at a time.