Saturday, February 20, 2010

No more cupcakes =(

So, today at lunch of course eating a burger I shouldn't have been eating we (my friend, anna and I) decided that we want bikini bodies by the summer, well kinda we want to lose 20 lbs by May. Thats reasonable. I am also running a half marathon May 1st and so with that said the first thing to do say no more cupcakes. sad day oh well thats the way its got to be. i can't give up dairy right now but maybe in the future. i really like milk now and i dont have bad gas (i know, TMI) but we will see when we get closer it will also be harder because I now drink milk all the time. so we will see. Until next time and hopefully lighter.

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  1. u r so good! i have given up dr pepper (for now). mainly for the little one but it wasnt as hard as i thought it would be. lowering my sugar intake and increasing my fruits and veggies is next. im doing better but not my best! =P keep up the good work n good luck with your marathon training. <3


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