Tuesday, May 31, 2011

paper airplanes and lace..

That's officially the theme of our wedding ( i have decided). It just fits because I love all vintage and well he loves all airplanes and as you saw from the invitations paper airplanes are being tied in EVERYWHERE! i ran across these weddings on the internet and I can not get enough.. I was thinking of doing some similar things but I am not completely sure, what do you think?

I love the candles and i have been collecting jars like a maniac

love the shutters and maybe something like this for the ceremony backdrop

and make these out of twine and hang on the sides of the shutters

love all the globes and paper airplanes, which were both incorporated in our invitations

love the dollies and hang lights with it would look really cool at night time, don't you think?

love all the vintage


so what do you think? I am on inspiration overload, maybe?

Monday, May 30, 2011


So with all of this wedding stuff going on and school and work trying to kill me literally i have been a hot mess the last few weeks. Peter and I had a HUGE fight and things seemed to calm down. We were to the point where he was avoiding me and constantly fighting over stupid shit (which we don't do). We talked it out and ultimately we want the same things and we both still love each other.  I just have all of these thoughts running through my head and it comes down to what  happens if it is not perfect and what do i really want?

Well while perusing the internet for ideas i ran across this post from a wedding designer at mywedding.com,

"So, only two months until your wedding day. Your band is set. Your invitations are ready. Your wardrobe is selected. And now you’ve decided you must add your new pet poodle to the bridal party. Or maybe your third cousin, twice removed wants their two-year old (in her terrible twos) to be the flower girl.
In the last few months of the planning process, I recommend that everyone choose your battles wisely. Assess how important something is to you before subjecting yourself or anyone else involved to unnecessary stresses just to engage a new, wacky idea. If the new plan is affordable and can be easily accomplished at the last minute, and it has the potential to enhance the event, it’s worth doing. But if it will be difficult to pull off or the overall effect has no lasting impression, don’t do it.
When deciding to add on to the plan remember doing fewer things really well is more impactful than doing 100 things not so well. It is better to have one spectacular statement versus several mediocre ones. This is especially important when thinking about your d├ęcor. For example, if you have the choice of doing one great floral arrangement that everyone will see at the guest book table, or multiple little insignificant arrangements everywhere – go for the big one!
And keep in mind these last two months, that nothing in life is perfect, and this includes your wedding day. If something has the potential to go wrong or to be slightly different than you expected, it inevitably will. Unfortunately, sometimes elements (such as weather) are just out of your control. Always have a Plan B in place, just in case. That way, no matter what happens, if you’ve planned for the worst – such as heavy rain at an outdoor wedding – when it doesn’t happen at least you were prepared.
This is the time to check, recheck, and reconfirm. Communication is key in the two or three months leading up to the big day. Check in with your vendors to make sure you are all on the same page and same schedule, confirm with your wedding party they have everything they need, and keep your checklist up-to-date.
In the last few months, the key is sticking to your plan and confirming what you already have in place. This is the best way to round out perfect planning for the big day."

Does anyone besides me have severe anxiety over this? I am freaking out. But i have to say that this post really put a smile on my face and calmed me down.. for now. 

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Something you may not know.. part II

Something you may not. This weekend when I was 15 (i think the year was 2000). I was stung by a sting ray on my right foot. 
We use to go to the beach almost every weekend as a family. We would rollerblade or bike down the beach on the bike path than we would go boogie boarding in the ocean after lunch. My mom would always bring lunch for us and we would make our own sandwiches. I guess this is what happens when you live in California it was just what we did. Anyways, it was memorial day weekend and we had brought some friends with us on our beach journey. We went boogie boarding tide was low so it wasn't very good but good enough. The water was warm already, which is very odd for the pacific ocean it is usually always freezing. I was the only one in the water and i was kicking out, put my foot down and felt a sting (it felt like a bee sting) no big deal looked at my foot I couldn't see anything so i kept going. Within 5 mins I knew there was something wrong.  My foot began to feel funny and swollen. I got out of the water and there was blood EVERYWHERE! I had no idea what was happening but I went to the lifeguard tower. HE was no where to be found. He was flirting with a girl and I had to pry him away (yes that did happen). He went up the ramp and he told me what he thought and called other guards to come down. By than my mom came over (she was in the restroom when all of this happened) to see what was going on. The other guards came in there truck and tok me to headquarters which was so cool. I felt like i was in baywatch in the truck. It was awsome. The not so awsome part was that they had to put my foot in almost boiling hot water to get the poison out and stop the swelling. After that we had to go to the doctor where they has to take out some stingers and send me home. The next 7 days were the worse because of the pain, my foot lost all feeling and than I couldn't put on a shoe. It sucked and this was before all the pee on yourself to help with the poison control. So that's my story.. I still can not feel that one spot on my foot, WAY TO GO DOCTORS for not knowing anything about sting rays. Do you have any interesting animal bite stories?

Saturday, May 28, 2011

hearts to share

So a couple weeks ago i mentioned that I had been a crocheting fein. Well i made a heart pillow and a hat in one week. Pretty awsome.. so much for the school work i didn't accomplish. I really much more enjoy crocheting to school work any day. It is also a stress reliever.
I made a hat:
The pattern is from the website Ravelry.com, It is pretty cool because you can see past projects that people have done, there comments,etc. I love it and the patterns are not your grandmas patterns there hip and cool. My user name is: scisneros and you can see my comments and this pattern under projects. 

I also made a heart pillow. It is just a made up pattern i drew out a heart and did my best interpretation of the pattern. It is all single crochet. I am into pillows right now after the first one came out so well. 

I think I might like the back better than the front, but its still a great pillow. 

anything new your working on this week? what are your hobbies?

favorites_ week 2:

1. date night
2. Custard cup_ there is a local place in town that sells custard and oh man is it yummy
3. going to bed early
4. crocheting
5. rollerblading for the first time in over 8 years (see previous post)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Something you may not Know..

So yesterday I re-kindled  my relationship with my rollerblades after over 8 years. I thought about a story I wanted to share with you, that most people don't know about me.
When I was younger my parents ran marathon and trained every Saturday morning in Santa Monica, California. Well, I was too young to run with them although that is all I wanted to do, i made a promise with my mom to wait until I was 18. So, I rollerbladed with them instead. They run to slow, so i started skating with friends that ran a little faster who became married and were no longer in the running club. So I went on to faster runners (were talking sub 3 hour marathon). My main job was to keep them company, get them water, and basically encourage them to keep going when I could keep up with them, which was sometimes difficult.
So i ran with guy imparticular, we will name him T. He was super nice, in marine corps at the time and was always good to me. With T, it was a special case because he couldn't see any of the pandemonium that was going on around him at the marathon because he could not wear his glasses while running, so he ran blind.
In 2002, My friend Alanna and I decided we were going to rollerblade him in from mile 18 to 26 and come back for a few other people we knew. Piece of cake.. WRONG. So we got breakfast and started on our journey, we were just going to walk there, because in most marathon courses there are short cuts to get you there. Well we asked for directions and we were off.. in the wrong direction. We kept walking and walking and walking, oh did I mention that it was raining? Well the street we were on was suppose to take us to the spot, but we went the wrong way and the street ended. Luckily it ended at a police station on the corner. We went in soaking wet and asked for directions. They told us and almost sent us on our way, BUT one of them was going to go on a food run so they took us in a POLICE CAR. well this police car had a torn back seat and was very uncomfortable, but it was a ride. The cop dropped us off in a puddle to contribute to our wetness.. just great.
Anyways, so we didn't have much time til the time that T was going to arrive at where we had since it had taken us over 2 hours to get there. We left our shoes at the running clubs station and were told that someone would bring them back to the hotel when they were done (we also thought we would be going back there multiple times in the day). Well we hooked up with T and were on our way helping him with the last 8 miles of the marathon. He was hoping to qualify for Boston with this run (which I think he did) and just finish. He is so inspirational.. Any who.. we got to the end of the marathon and the cops were chooing us off the course so we went back to the hotel since we were soaking wet. But guess what? WE HAD NO SHOES.. haha. so we ran around one of the coolest hotels in LA with no shoes on.. pretty cool.
We never got our shoes back, which was not a big deal and we had some pretty cool memories.. all of this from going rollerblading. I was talking to Peter about this this morning and it just seems like there is no way all of this could be true, but it is.

SOMETHING YOU MAY HAVE NEVER KNOWN.., but now you do. whats something I may not know about you?

Monday, May 23, 2011

Focus... focus.. focus

I am not in the focussing and full school mode right now. During this summer I have the take 2 classes: mental health and pediatrics. Both are interesting subjects and lets face it, I am an over achiever sometimes .. BUT I can not focus with the sunshine to play in and all the crocheting I can do at work. Yesterday I made a hat and I also finished a heart pillow this week. It is so relaxing and more fun than stupid studying.. ugh.

p.s. by the way I am trying to get in shape for the wedding aftermath of our honey moon.. double ugh.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Things I Loved this week..

So i decided I want to do this segment too.. so many fellow bloggers do it. i will list 5 things that I loved this week.

1.  The Sunshine
2. Running my stress away
3. Girl night/talk x2

4. skinny cow ice cream sandwiches
5. when my future husband says I love you first

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

J is for..

my friend Jesse. She is awsome and without a doubt one of our best friends in town. She also looks like Justin Beiber too which is just funny that they have the same wardrobe. Well she is constantly telling me she wants me to make her something.. so...... i made her this:

Its a pillow! with the letter J as well as an 8 to be symbolic of a scrabble letter because we play words with friends all the time. I did a single crochet all the way across and did the J from a free hand pattern. I did the back as an envelope so that she could take it off and wash it, because she owns quite a few animals. I used some of her girlfriends buttons to close it up and viola!

Friday, May 13, 2011


So i was asked by a friend to talk about bridesmaids. So this is a post to answer her questions about the subject and anyone else who cares.

I have two very different (body) type of girls and I allowed them to pick the style and shape of the dress. Kristie is flat as a pancake and looks good in anything, where as Hayley is more voluptuous  (not FAT!!!) just curvy and more shaped like me. So i told them to go to David's bridal and pick out a dress at or below the knee in pewter.

So this is Hayley: She is my best friend. I met her in High school where we hung out in the same group of friends but never really got to know each other. Than after high school I reconnected with her when I was visiting my sister in Santa Barbara (coincidence, I think not). She is pretty amazing and one of the people I miss most in California.
When I asked her to be my maid of honor (which I did thru the mail and cards I customized from theweddingchicks.com) she was ecstatic. I told her what I wanted and she said not a problem because she already had a dress from a wedding she was in last summer (pictured below she is on the far left)

As for shoes, I want my ladies to be comfortable. In this wedding she wore heels, but bought the same shoes in flats to wear at mine. Which is just fine. I don't like matchy matchy anyways. Its not me. 
(I couldn't find this dress on the Davids bridal website)

So this is Kristie: my seester. I have know her since she was born and although we do not always get along lately its been awsome to have her around. I could not do any  of this without her. 

Kristie went to David's bridal and picked out the below dress and heels that look great on her and makes her look skinnier than she already is, if that is possible.

This is the her dress from the davids bridal website. http://www.davidsbridal.com/Product_Short-Satin-Dress-with-Pleated-Bust-and-Ruching-F13277_Bridal-Party-Bridesmaids-Shop-By-Color

I am going to include earrings and necklace in my gifts for the ladies and they can wear it or not and that is up to them. 

Invitation breakdown

As mentioned before I got second place in a diy wedding card making competition, which I am pretty stoked about seeing how I have been a little bummed that I didn't get picked to be a budget bride for a different blog and the main person of that blog was one of the judges for the invitations.. oh well

So Anyways, Lets break it down. 
I bought the brown natural-esque card and envelopes already pre-made a pack of 50 at Hobby Lobby is $ 9.99 and with a 40% coupon I bough 2 packs which came to $12
The white pieces of paper used for the post cards and invitation portion were 0.50 for a stack from Habitat for Humanity thrift store used for ALL the invitations
The Atlas behind the invitation was $3.00 also from Habitat for humanity
The airplanes were made at a book pages, the book was a $1.00 also from Habitat for Humanity
The brads were $3.99 or less (depending if I had a coupon or not) and I bough 4 packs for a total of $16
The blue paper was one of the most expensive things. I bought most of it on sale for 0.25 cents for a total of $17.50
Than theres postage.. ugh. postage is so expensive.. each card had a 0.64 cent stamp and a 0.29 cent stamp for the postcards which came out to be $65.10

So in total I spent $115.10 on invitations (just slightly over the 100 I wanted to spend) so broken down by 70 invitations I spent  1.64 an invitations. 

Thats not too shabby and I won a prize from them too.

How did you do your invitations?

what the f-- BLOGGER..

So, I lost the post on my invitations and another post I worked on yesterday before blogger decided to take a dump for a whole day, thanks.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

so.. 2nd place

I entered in a DIY wedding card contest and I won second place.. thats awsome. I am so happy. 

here is the website.. http://www.do-it-yourself-invitations.com/contests.html

pretty awsome.

more about the invitations on the next post.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

one week.

 In the last one week (7 days) i have been very productive, mainly because I do not have school to worry about at the moment. These are the things I have accomplished:

-Started and almost finished an entire blanket (I need to finish the border)
-ran a half marathon

-set up and decorated for the wedding shower that is this saturday
- and I worked over 40 hours..

yeah this is what I do. It feels good to be really productive, that I impress myself sometimes. 

Monday, May 2, 2011

wedding shower ahead.

So the wedding shower is THIS saturday and there is so much to do in our house.. well i might be exaggerating but it does need to be cleaned, etc. ugh cleaning not to mention I have to work 40+ hours this week, ugh. Well i'll post as I go and come up with ideas.

PS. less than 100 days to the wedding.. woo hoo!