Friday, May 13, 2011


So i was asked by a friend to talk about bridesmaids. So this is a post to answer her questions about the subject and anyone else who cares.

I have two very different (body) type of girls and I allowed them to pick the style and shape of the dress. Kristie is flat as a pancake and looks good in anything, where as Hayley is more voluptuous  (not FAT!!!) just curvy and more shaped like me. So i told them to go to David's bridal and pick out a dress at or below the knee in pewter.

So this is Hayley: She is my best friend. I met her in High school where we hung out in the same group of friends but never really got to know each other. Than after high school I reconnected with her when I was visiting my sister in Santa Barbara (coincidence, I think not). She is pretty amazing and one of the people I miss most in California.
When I asked her to be my maid of honor (which I did thru the mail and cards I customized from she was ecstatic. I told her what I wanted and she said not a problem because she already had a dress from a wedding she was in last summer (pictured below she is on the far left)

As for shoes, I want my ladies to be comfortable. In this wedding she wore heels, but bought the same shoes in flats to wear at mine. Which is just fine. I don't like matchy matchy anyways. Its not me. 
(I couldn't find this dress on the Davids bridal website)

So this is Kristie: my seester. I have know her since she was born and although we do not always get along lately its been awsome to have her around. I could not do any  of this without her. 

Kristie went to David's bridal and picked out the below dress and heels that look great on her and makes her look skinnier than she already is, if that is possible.

This is the her dress from the davids bridal website.

I am going to include earrings and necklace in my gifts for the ladies and they can wear it or not and that is up to them. 

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  1. very cute! looks like it is all coming together ...


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