Sunday, May 29, 2011

Something you may not know.. part II

Something you may not. This weekend when I was 15 (i think the year was 2000). I was stung by a sting ray on my right foot. 
We use to go to the beach almost every weekend as a family. We would rollerblade or bike down the beach on the bike path than we would go boogie boarding in the ocean after lunch. My mom would always bring lunch for us and we would make our own sandwiches. I guess this is what happens when you live in California it was just what we did. Anyways, it was memorial day weekend and we had brought some friends with us on our beach journey. We went boogie boarding tide was low so it wasn't very good but good enough. The water was warm already, which is very odd for the pacific ocean it is usually always freezing. I was the only one in the water and i was kicking out, put my foot down and felt a sting (it felt like a bee sting) no big deal looked at my foot I couldn't see anything so i kept going. Within 5 mins I knew there was something wrong.  My foot began to feel funny and swollen. I got out of the water and there was blood EVERYWHERE! I had no idea what was happening but I went to the lifeguard tower. HE was no where to be found. He was flirting with a girl and I had to pry him away (yes that did happen). He went up the ramp and he told me what he thought and called other guards to come down. By than my mom came over (she was in the restroom when all of this happened) to see what was going on. The other guards came in there truck and tok me to headquarters which was so cool. I felt like i was in baywatch in the truck. It was awsome. The not so awsome part was that they had to put my foot in almost boiling hot water to get the poison out and stop the swelling. After that we had to go to the doctor where they has to take out some stingers and send me home. The next 7 days were the worse because of the pain, my foot lost all feeling and than I couldn't put on a shoe. It sucked and this was before all the pee on yourself to help with the poison control. So that's my story.. I still can not feel that one spot on my foot, WAY TO GO DOCTORS for not knowing anything about sting rays. Do you have any interesting animal bite stories?

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  1. Wow scary story! I can't believe you still have a spot you can't feel. This is a great story to use as an icebreaker when meeting someone new. :)

    * Julia


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