Saturday, May 28, 2011

hearts to share

So a couple weeks ago i mentioned that I had been a crocheting fein. Well i made a heart pillow and a hat in one week. Pretty awsome.. so much for the school work i didn't accomplish. I really much more enjoy crocheting to school work any day. It is also a stress reliever.
I made a hat:
The pattern is from the website, It is pretty cool because you can see past projects that people have done, there comments,etc. I love it and the patterns are not your grandmas patterns there hip and cool. My user name is: scisneros and you can see my comments and this pattern under projects. 

I also made a heart pillow. It is just a made up pattern i drew out a heart and did my best interpretation of the pattern. It is all single crochet. I am into pillows right now after the first one came out so well. 

I think I might like the back better than the front, but its still a great pillow. 

anything new your working on this week? what are your hobbies?

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