Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Something you may not Know..

So yesterday I re-kindled  my relationship with my rollerblades after over 8 years. I thought about a story I wanted to share with you, that most people don't know about me.
When I was younger my parents ran marathon and trained every Saturday morning in Santa Monica, California. Well, I was too young to run with them although that is all I wanted to do, i made a promise with my mom to wait until I was 18. So, I rollerbladed with them instead. They run to slow, so i started skating with friends that ran a little faster who became married and were no longer in the running club. So I went on to faster runners (were talking sub 3 hour marathon). My main job was to keep them company, get them water, and basically encourage them to keep going when I could keep up with them, which was sometimes difficult.
So i ran with guy imparticular, we will name him T. He was super nice, in marine corps at the time and was always good to me. With T, it was a special case because he couldn't see any of the pandemonium that was going on around him at the marathon because he could not wear his glasses while running, so he ran blind.
In 2002, My friend Alanna and I decided we were going to rollerblade him in from mile 18 to 26 and come back for a few other people we knew. Piece of cake.. WRONG. So we got breakfast and started on our journey, we were just going to walk there, because in most marathon courses there are short cuts to get you there. Well we asked for directions and we were off.. in the wrong direction. We kept walking and walking and walking, oh did I mention that it was raining? Well the street we were on was suppose to take us to the spot, but we went the wrong way and the street ended. Luckily it ended at a police station on the corner. We went in soaking wet and asked for directions. They told us and almost sent us on our way, BUT one of them was going to go on a food run so they took us in a POLICE CAR. well this police car had a torn back seat and was very uncomfortable, but it was a ride. The cop dropped us off in a puddle to contribute to our wetness.. just great.
Anyways, so we didn't have much time til the time that T was going to arrive at where we had since it had taken us over 2 hours to get there. We left our shoes at the running clubs station and were told that someone would bring them back to the hotel when they were done (we also thought we would be going back there multiple times in the day). Well we hooked up with T and were on our way helping him with the last 8 miles of the marathon. He was hoping to qualify for Boston with this run (which I think he did) and just finish. He is so inspirational.. Any who.. we got to the end of the marathon and the cops were chooing us off the course so we went back to the hotel since we were soaking wet. But guess what? WE HAD NO SHOES.. haha. so we ran around one of the coolest hotels in LA with no shoes on.. pretty cool.
We never got our shoes back, which was not a big deal and we had some pretty cool memories.. all of this from going rollerblading. I was talking to Peter about this this morning and it just seems like there is no way all of this could be true, but it is.

SOMETHING YOU MAY HAVE NEVER KNOWN.., but now you do. whats something I may not know about you?

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