Monday, May 30, 2011


So with all of this wedding stuff going on and school and work trying to kill me literally i have been a hot mess the last few weeks. Peter and I had a HUGE fight and things seemed to calm down. We were to the point where he was avoiding me and constantly fighting over stupid shit (which we don't do). We talked it out and ultimately we want the same things and we both still love each other.  I just have all of these thoughts running through my head and it comes down to what  happens if it is not perfect and what do i really want?

Well while perusing the internet for ideas i ran across this post from a wedding designer at,

"So, only two months until your wedding day. Your band is set. Your invitations are ready. Your wardrobe is selected. And now you’ve decided you must add your new pet poodle to the bridal party. Or maybe your third cousin, twice removed wants their two-year old (in her terrible twos) to be the flower girl.
In the last few months of the planning process, I recommend that everyone choose your battles wisely. Assess how important something is to you before subjecting yourself or anyone else involved to unnecessary stresses just to engage a new, wacky idea. If the new plan is affordable and can be easily accomplished at the last minute, and it has the potential to enhance the event, it’s worth doing. But if it will be difficult to pull off or the overall effect has no lasting impression, don’t do it.
When deciding to add on to the plan remember doing fewer things really well is more impactful than doing 100 things not so well. It is better to have one spectacular statement versus several mediocre ones. This is especially important when thinking about your d├ęcor. For example, if you have the choice of doing one great floral arrangement that everyone will see at the guest book table, or multiple little insignificant arrangements everywhere – go for the big one!
And keep in mind these last two months, that nothing in life is perfect, and this includes your wedding day. If something has the potential to go wrong or to be slightly different than you expected, it inevitably will. Unfortunately, sometimes elements (such as weather) are just out of your control. Always have a Plan B in place, just in case. That way, no matter what happens, if you’ve planned for the worst – such as heavy rain at an outdoor wedding – when it doesn’t happen at least you were prepared.
This is the time to check, recheck, and reconfirm. Communication is key in the two or three months leading up to the big day. Check in with your vendors to make sure you are all on the same page and same schedule, confirm with your wedding party they have everything they need, and keep your checklist up-to-date.
In the last few months, the key is sticking to your plan and confirming what you already have in place. This is the best way to round out perfect planning for the big day."

Does anyone besides me have severe anxiety over this? I am freaking out. But i have to say that this post really put a smile on my face and calmed me down.. for now. 

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