Monday, February 28, 2011

reasons why I should never be a house wife..

you never know what you are going to come home to.
Well, with that intro you know i did something today. Well we have one plain wall in the kitchen that is blah and was cracking and ew.

So as you can see, the walls are striped, which I love but they need to be re done. The wall on the right of this picture is plain as day. well this is what I did.

I just love it.. It is a taupe-ish color. It sets the tone for the room now. 

Sunday, February 27, 2011

FREE art

so .. I think i have posted this before but on this website you can download FREE ART and frame it. so easy and cute. I used this site to help create the art wall in my guest bedroom. Enjoy!

the weekends over..

and so is my current projects. so here is the finished project. 
I finished the chalkboard, cleaned organized and just put things together.

Now, the cabinets need to be done and yes that fan needs to be replaced before it takes our whole ceiling with it. But I am in no hurry to do that cabinets. Contently in progress.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

patience is a virtue

So i have been working on a chalkboard for the kitchen to go above alex's stuff because lets face it I LOVE CHALKBOARDS. So i bought this lovely cork board for half off at hobby lobby.

and turned it into this..

I LOVE ITS! but i wasnt very patient and there is some paint on my chalk board, oh well. I am so excited for it. and than I am calling the kitchen done for now and content. What do you think?

Sometimes its better to undress..

I really mean the windows. Back to the kitchen. I undressed the window and the door and ta da!

I am so happy how it looks with nothing, a bit surprising. I also forgot how the door looked with nothing. I bought a few things for the kitchen yesterday to spruce up the sink and this is what you get. 

I am happy for right now but would like to do the cabinets soon.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

My afternoon fix

So, I have some rooms in my house i still hate. One of them being the kitchen. I have 2 plates on one wall which is a temp fix till I could find a permanent solution or more plates. Well, another complaint was that we didn't have a big readable clock in the kitchen (since the oven one is weird/broken). This is my solution that cost about $25 including the clock and about an hour.

The before:

The after:

The close up:

The flowers (current crafting obsession):

What do you think? The buttons are yellow if you couldn't tell. My kitchen is this blue and hints of yellow.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

blanket time.

So if you didn't know I got commissioned (by peter's friend Dustin) to make him a real life adult size afghan (crocheted blanket). I for reals finished it today.. I am so excited to say its finished and back on the baby blankets, there easier.

P.S. Back to the original plans for plowers, I bought knobs and it just didn't feel right so a "X'ed" the idea.. oh well so much for trying. 

Sunday, February 20, 2011

flowers or not.

So as you know I am doing this whole wedding on a major budget we have around $10,000, but would only like to spend $6-7,000, so that we can have our perfect honeymoon. So everything has been working out rather well up to date. I started my veil this week and maybe i'll show you a picture of when it is completed and it cost me $6 FOR EVERYTHING. That makes me so so so very happy.
 Well on other news I found some great ideas over at 100 layer cake and it make me think if I really want flowers for a bouquet. I already decided that the only real flowers we are having are for the bouquets.  If you forgot this is what our center pieces will look like.

So I found this picture and tutorial and kinda fell in love. thats pretty great, right?
Well i am definitely thinking about it now. What do you think?