Sunday, February 20, 2011

flowers or not.

So as you know I am doing this whole wedding on a major budget we have around $10,000, but would only like to spend $6-7,000, so that we can have our perfect honeymoon. So everything has been working out rather well up to date. I started my veil this week and maybe i'll show you a picture of when it is completed and it cost me $6 FOR EVERYTHING. That makes me so so so very happy.
 Well on other news I found some great ideas over at 100 layer cake and it make me think if I really want flowers for a bouquet. I already decided that the only real flowers we are having are for the bouquets.  If you forgot this is what our center pieces will look like.

So I found this picture and tutorial and kinda fell in love. thats pretty great, right?
Well i am definitely thinking about it now. What do you think?

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