Thursday, May 23, 2013

Outdoor overhaul: Part I (the front yard)

 So, we have a party we are hosting soon and it gave us a swift kick in the rear to get our outdoor spaces party ready again. 

Two years ago this is what the front looked like:

Kind of plain with no pizazz or color

I was in need of some major changes, So I did some switch-a-roos with the furniture we had 

I rook a wreath I had added a $1 pinwheel from target and a wood bird from michael's 
( that I painted yellow and a cute small flower pot)

I moved a bench from the backyard to the front added some flower pots, a lantern and new pillows from pier 1

Chairs from the photo above with pillows from target last season

Up close of the small flowers

What do you think?
I love all the colors and flowers, they make me happy. 


Saturday, May 11, 2013

I like traveling..

You hear everyone say it, but do they really mean it?

I mean honestly, until now, all of my prior vacations were filled to the brim with the feeling of being rushed to meet up with people and see things. 
It honestly never felt like a vacation. 

Well, I am about to leave for my 4th trip this year and I can honestly say I like traveling, for me. 
I don't plan an agenda, I go for my scheduled days off and just see whats out there. 
If I like it, I can always go back.
We usually only have a few days and if we (or I should say I) just want to lay on the beach and do nothing, I can. 

Traveling is a lot easier when your not on a schedule and you get there, when you get there.
Managing airports has become a lot easier and I am starting to find tricks (like don't wear bobby pins in your hair during security because they will mess it up) and liking certain airports over others. 
I have also found some amazing deals when you fly last minute 
(I'll talk about those later)

Do you dread traveling or do you enjoy it?


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mini Vaca: PR

P and I had 3 days off together and we wanted to go somewhere we haven't been
So, we went to.. Puerto Rico


We used the website to rent a room in a condo and rented a car for the experience
We went to the beach

 Lighthouse at teh forts

Tiny island off the coast where they use to keep leppers

The coast

Pretty view



to the forts

Old San Juan

Kayaking from our backyard to the ocean 
(sorry no pictures of that due to wet phones)

the rain forrest

Our serious faces.. haha

Have you taken any vacations lately? where'd you go?