Thursday, November 27, 2014


November has been insane
 Willow and I have been to Laughlin, Sacramento, and to my sisters (near Palm Springs)
We moved to a bigger apartment
Mommy started skating and conditionally passed her skills test, got re-drafted, than got a 2 day mom-cation
It has literally been one thing after another (in a good way)

Back to our regular scheduled posts soon

I am thankful for wonderful friends and family that support me, I would not be here without them.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


One of my favorite holidays.
I love love love get dressed up and making my own costumes
I knew this year would be no different even  with baby the events would just change

My criteria were comfort, some warmth (mainly for baby) and cute factor
So I went to Pinterest for some inspiration
As my plans formulated I knew we would be truck or treating and wanted to use my carrier for ease
After much debate, I chose this for inspiration

I bought a yard of white felt and 1/2 yard of red. Than cut stripes about an inch in width glued those on with a glue gun. Told my husband I wanted the zig zag top and he measured and cut that for me (I am bad at measuring and precision). I did the popcorn sign by free handing the bubble letters in red and gluing them to the white and outlining it.
The dots candy box was suppose to be for her candy catching. I used a granola/cereal box for the dots and painted it yellow. I free handed the candy and tootsie sign, I used markers to color it all in. The dots emblem is made the same way at the popcorn above.  

For her outfit she is just wearing a long sleeve onesie and yellow striped pants. For my costume I borrowed my husbands white shirt and red bow tie. We did not go trick or treating because I was too chicken to go by myself  but we did go to a party with a friend and her kids. We were told we would have won first place if she had prizes, which was awesome. 

There you have it.
What did you dress up as? Did you make it?