Friday, July 21, 2017

Traveling with a baby part II

Almost 3 years ago, I wrote one of my more popular posts (Here) about traveling with a baby

We took our first flight with baby M about a week ago. It was a combined 6+ hour flight with a layover. I am still not an expert but with two children who flew early and  what not this is what I have learned.

if you have a ring sling you will have to take it off and carry your baby thru security so a soft structured carrier  (ssc) is better for this instance. Alot of SSC's require an infant insert under a certain weight so look into that.
We have only been using the ring sling so far.  Learning how to breastfeed and move has been a huge thing with baby M. He is a mover and a shaker and this has been very helpful. 
Also, on take off and landing some airlines will have take the straps off of your carrier they claim you are not suppose to be attached to the baby

2. Check your accommodations and see if there are things you don't have to bring 
This trip we brought everything: stroller, car seat, rock n play, etc.
There are hotels that will provide a pack n play. 
Also, uber or car rentals also have car seats but it's a take at your own discression.

3. Be comfortable.
I have had better luck at breastfeeding with baby M than I did with W and one of the reasons is because I go to breastfeeding support group. In this group I was recommended to get a haakaa and a  travel my breastfriend feeding pillow.

First, the haakaa is my absolute favorite thing right now. It's a silicone hand pump that you place on the other breast while feeding and collects the let down. 
You can purchase it Here

4. Don't forget about your self.
I am constantly covered in spit up and just have a general dishelveled look about me. Bring an extra shirt for your self just in case

That about does it.
I would love this hear how you fly and your pointers.


Friday, July 7, 2017

Comparing pregnancies

A common phrase used for pregnancy is..
every pregnancy/labor/baby is different.
I know this is something I say to my patients on a regular basis because what works for baby A doesn't always work for baby B and vise versa.

(I want to say these are around the same weeks for comparison)

Since this is my second pregnancy I do not have a lot of experience, but though that it would be fun to do a comparison of some common pregnancy symptoms.

A: is my pregnancy with W (girl)
B: is my current pregnancy (37+weeks with baby boy) 

Nausea/morning sickness: 
A: vomited once most likely due to food poisoning 
B: vomited once most likely due to a 24 bug

Heart burn
A: none
B: yes, I have actually had to take tums. It could be worse. 

A: no
B: none

Stretch marks:
A: yes on my thighs and stomach
B: none

B: on occasion and mostly just in my ankles (joints) the left more than the right

Food cravings
A: spicy (I don't normally do spicy) chicken wings and milk (I also don't drink a lot of milk)
B: fish- I have been eating my allotted two cans of tuna every week 

A: none
B: yes, especially the first half of the pregnancy 

A: all the time, I always felt like I couldn't catch up
B: I am sleeping more than my norm (while working 5-6 hrs/day),  but I feel more energized after 7 or 8 especially having to chase a toddler all the time 

A: my hips and sciatica that I was going to the chiropractor regularly around 6-8 weeks and getting monthly massages if not more for relief
B: residual hip pain I have been to the chiropractor 2 x and gotten 3 massages

Weight gain:
A: 28 lbs and weighed more at my 6 week apt
Weight was everywhere
B. 18 lbs and weight was mostly in my belly and butt

Emotions, moodiness, etc. 
A: super moody during pregnancy
B: mostly happy, some moodiness. Pretty emotional postpartum

So, I think that about covers it. Everything you wanted to know about my pregnancies


Monday, July 3, 2017


Birth story to eventually to follow