Friday, July 7, 2017

Comparing pregnancies

A common phrase used for pregnancy is..
every pregnancy/labor/baby is different.
I know this is something I say to my patients on a regular basis because what works for baby A doesn't always work for baby B and vise versa.

(I want to say these are around the same weeks for comparison)

Since this is my second pregnancy I do not have a lot of experience, but though that it would be fun to do a comparison of some common pregnancy symptoms.

A: is my pregnancy with W (girl)
B: is my current pregnancy (37+weeks with baby boy) 

Nausea/morning sickness: 
A: vomited once most likely due to food poisoning 
B: vomited once most likely due to a 24 bug

Heart burn
A: none
B: yes, I have actually had to take tums. It could be worse. 

A: no
B: none

Stretch marks:
A: yes on my thighs and stomach
B: none

B: on occasion and mostly just in my ankles (joints) the left more than the right

Food cravings
A: spicy (I don't normally do spicy) chicken wings and milk (I also don't drink a lot of milk)
B: fish- I have been eating my allotted two cans of tuna every week 

A: none
B: yes, especially the first half of the pregnancy 

A: all the time, I always felt like I couldn't catch up
B: I am sleeping more than my norm (while working 5-6 hrs/day),  but I feel more energized after 7 or 8 especially having to chase a toddler all the time 

A: my hips and sciatica that I was going to the chiropractor regularly around 6-8 weeks and getting monthly massages if not more for relief
B: residual hip pain I have been to the chiropractor 2 x and gotten 3 massages

Weight gain:
A: 28 lbs and weighed more at my 6 week apt
Weight was everywhere
B. 18 lbs and weight was mostly in my belly and butt

Emotions, moodiness, etc. 
A: super moody during pregnancy
B: mostly happy, some moodiness. Pretty emotional postpartum

So, I think that about covers it. Everything you wanted to know about my pregnancies


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