Friday, May 13, 2011

Invitation breakdown

As mentioned before I got second place in a diy wedding card making competition, which I am pretty stoked about seeing how I have been a little bummed that I didn't get picked to be a budget bride for a different blog and the main person of that blog was one of the judges for the invitations.. oh well

So Anyways, Lets break it down. 
I bought the brown natural-esque card and envelopes already pre-made a pack of 50 at Hobby Lobby is $ 9.99 and with a 40% coupon I bough 2 packs which came to $12
The white pieces of paper used for the post cards and invitation portion were 0.50 for a stack from Habitat for Humanity thrift store used for ALL the invitations
The Atlas behind the invitation was $3.00 also from Habitat for humanity
The airplanes were made at a book pages, the book was a $1.00 also from Habitat for Humanity
The brads were $3.99 or less (depending if I had a coupon or not) and I bough 4 packs for a total of $16
The blue paper was one of the most expensive things. I bought most of it on sale for 0.25 cents for a total of $17.50
Than theres postage.. ugh. postage is so expensive.. each card had a 0.64 cent stamp and a 0.29 cent stamp for the postcards which came out to be $65.10

So in total I spent $115.10 on invitations (just slightly over the 100 I wanted to spend) so broken down by 70 invitations I spent  1.64 an invitations. 

Thats not too shabby and I won a prize from them too.

How did you do your invitations?

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