Monday, October 1, 2012

Something new, something old ..

When i say that you automatically think of a wedding well this post is not about that. 
After discussing this with a work mate i had to share with you 
my favoriteist (yes thats a word in my dictionary) quilt.


My parents may be pack rats but they kept shirts from when I was born until a little after high school 
my mom blocked them together than sent them to my grandmother who sewed them all together and embroidered each shirt.

This was the last quilt my grandmother could quilt because she is getting too old to see what she is doing. 

I picked out the backing, it is pink polka dots =) 
We use it on our bed, and I absolutely love it.

Side note (a couple months later as this is sitting in my draft box) I looked at the quilt and thought of all the memories associated with the different shirts.  I do not remeber how I obtained most of the shirts just the memory of the day or the event. I thought it was pretty cool.

Pretty awsome, right?
Do you have anything like it?

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