Wednesday, June 16, 2010

progress.. you are my friend

Ok, so the last time i left you I had ideas coming out from every where and took some advice and free will and went on with it. I have completed half of the painting (i am only painting one wall at a time, simply because I never have more than one day off at a time). So my budget for this project is at or around $400. I am broke give me a break but i have been getting a lot of ideas from sherri and John at So the break down so far is:
Lowes (paint, tape, brushes, etc)-- 100
Target (rug curtain rod, and comforter cover)-- 100
Bench from craigslist -- 40
Mirror from habitat that I refurbished into a chalk board-- 10
DVD thing 9for most of my dvds) from craigslist-- 12

so, so far I am up to around 262.. not to shabby. All i need to next is paint the other two walls. Find a solution for the door into the kitchen, which I was thinking window grate thingys ( I forgot what they are called) and curtains of course.

Enjoy the pictures. Advice is always welcome.


  1. looks so much better already. the white/creme walls look so much better n i love that rug. keep up the good work chica!!! <3


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