Saturday, June 5, 2010

ok.. opinions please.

I need opinions.. Of my study I have plans but not sure if they work let me know. Just so you know my study is about an 8x10 room(clocet) with wood panneling.

These are the before

this is what I am thinking:
this is a round rug I found at walmart for around $100
these are the curtains i want from uo for $38/each
This is stoarage for all of my dvds from ikea $80
this is a mirror I bought for $10 and painted and made a chalk board
I was going to paint the wall a dull white every other panel and a shiny white on the others.. what do you think?


  1. This looks nice. I love the green theme. You shouldn't ever spend money at Walmart though because they are the evil empire, even though their prices are low.

  2. Hey Steph! Love your blog! I don't really write on blogspot that much, but I have a blog @ livejournal, lemme know if you want the link & I cam email it to you. =)

    I like the idea of the stripes! White would definitely open up the room! I hear that a white ceiling against a neutral color opens up a room too. The colors are relaxing, much different than the tone of wood you have going on. You should check out hobby lobby for furniture and decorative accessories too, they seem to have a lot of sales & I could see a lot of things there going well with some of the patterns and stuff you have going on :)


  3. do it!!! n make sure to post after pics! <3


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