Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Oh the shades..

Back when i was re doing the half bath (which feels like forever ago, btw) I knew these dingi off white blinds had go to go.. all those spots and they didn't even work properly.

So I decided to make some DIY roman shades, because i found this fabric and it just went from there.

Making roman shades, is super easy. Don't let it fool you.

 Measure out your fabric including a heam allowance of about a 1/2" to 1". Than iron until everything is smooth
Take your blinds and extend them as long as they will go. You want to cut the ladder cords, if you stay on the top (the side you can see now) you will have no problem not cutting the really thick string that acts as the pully for you roman shade
All evened up and ironed out, I used tacky glue and glued the slats on the curve side. Becareful not to glue the strings.

I glues the tops and bottomw up and over the bars. On the top I had to leave some unglued areas so that the bar could slide back in place.

Up and looking good.

 From the side

rolled up at night

rolled up during the day

and thats how you DIY your own roman shade, I love how it came out what do you think?

Have you tried making your own roman shade yet?

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  1. Those turned out awesome!!! I love the color with the bathroom walls too! Fantastic project!

    @ Creatively Living

  2. This is perfect! I love the fabric you chose, too!

    Take care,



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