Friday, April 6, 2012

Fashion Friday

I was perusing pinterest last week some time and came upon this blog called The Beauty Department

Which I LOVED!
So many great secrets and ideas for hair make up and clothes.

Do you know what a curling wand is?.. yeah me either.
Apparently its popular.. who knew. 

Here is a post on how to make your own.. let me tell you IT IS SO SO SO EASY!
And what do you do with said curling wand you ask.. 

You get curly wavy hair with half the effort, here is the post on how to

These were my results.

(don't mind the funny faces.. oops)

Just as fyi i have really fine hair (don't let it full you) and it doesn't usually hold curl and this do held all day and night. I was pretty stoked with the results and the discovery of this site.

Have you found any new exciting sites lately?

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