Thursday, April 19, 2012

3 things thursday

So this has been a really long and hard work week for me so to say that I am happy that it is almost over is an understatement, but lets contiue with three things (that made me happy this week) thursday

1. I found my new favorite perfume (per say)

My favorite thing is smelling like an old person

2. Knowing the marathon is in a week and a half.. ugh.
I am excited and nervous all at the same time. This martahon I will be running with my partner in crime from derby who has the same name as me. Even though this is my number 7 this is her first. We are just running to finish but i would love to finish in sub 5 but we will see how it goes.
 Any ideas for running outfits? anyone.. bueller?

Yes, I am completely crazy, but I like it that way.
3.  P will coming home this weekend and we have a date night planned.
Last Monday he was not suppose to work, but called in anyways and had to rush back to ohio where he has been working 14 hour days. I miss him a lot this week so we are planning on having a date night this weekend and I am so happy.

Maybe it will be half as entertaining as this movie.. heres for hoping.

What are the things that made you happy this week? 

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