Saturday, November 13, 2010

new toys..

So yes, my mommy is awsome and already bought me my christmas present, well kinda. She has known that I wanted a kitchen aid mixer for a very long time (esp with cooking/baking a lot more now that we have our house and found it on sale), plus had coupons so she mailed me some money and coupons and I purchased it. YAY!.

And we made a nook for it on the kitchen cart and bar of all the goodies to have just in case and so we don't loose them


  1. i LOVE mine but just fyi dont put the mixer parts (the 3 hanging so cutely on that rod) in the dishwasher. slowly kills them! congrats and enjoy the easier baking!!!

  2. Thanks.. I was putting the white ones in the dishwasher, but now I wont.. thanks.


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