Thursday, April 7, 2011

the wedding look for less

My wedding outfit
dress and undergarments .. $550
shoes .. $25              thats right I finally found shoes
veil .. $5.00              handmade and almost done
Jewelry  .. $20.00    I know what i want but still have to get it

And I believe, that's all. for $600 thats not too shabby =)

What do you think of a clutch/purse. I will be getting ready at the venue which both the ceremony and reception will be held so I will have everything an elevator ride away. Do I really need a purse or something like it?


  1. I don't think you will need a purse, i will hold your lipstick for you. Everyone you love will be there so no need for a phone, (though i could hold that for you too if you need :))

  2. p.s. i hope Peter doesn't read this!

  3. i dont think he will.. no worries. He is more worried about his airplane and still not home =)


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