Thursday, September 13, 2012

Oh, buffet!

Lets talk about the buffet my dad built for a wedding present (yeah last year)

Yeah, thats the one.. isn't she beautiful. I think so

Ok, reverse (over a year ago).. I was inspired by 
this butcher block kitchen island from Joi at Nuestra Vida Dulce

I wanted an island also, but I didn't have the room for it

I gave my dad the dimensions and this is what he came up with 
(this is the only before pic I have.. sorry guys)

you can see it to the right of this picture before the kitchen reno.
The top was sealed to be used as a butcher blocks, it was not very dark and was often stained by coffee

so we decided during the kitchen reno that the top had to be darker and I needed a shelf for more storage.

detail from the front

the detail from the side

including towel bar and pretty grading :)

so what do you think of all of her glory? I love it. 
Do your parents make you stuff? Are they handy and help you out?


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  1. Love this! My father in Law is the same way! He is helping me build a table right now :)


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