Thursday, July 11, 2013

roller derby trophies part 1

So last year (I know, I am catching up at a snail's pace) I was asked to make our teams end of the year party trophies for derby after seeing these halloween trophies

The halloween trophies were spontaneous and the dollar store and pinterest were to blame.

The trophies I decided to make were along the same lines, just using barbies instead of skeletons. I took the barbie and shaped her using a heat gun and attached her to a wooden stand. We did use some wire to keep her upright that spray painted her gold.

Once she was standing I added skates on her feet using clay and mini poly beads for the wheels. I had found these packs of miniature barbie accessories which included a helmet that i painted blue and glittered.

What do you think? I love these little things. Stay tuned for whats coming this season. 


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