Our first house

We moved into our 1947 ranch home in Urbana, Illinois in October of 2009 and sold it in November of 2013. This was our first home and we learned a lot. Hope your enjoy all the before and afters. 

*** The Front Yard ***
The exterior in the realtor pictures

Here's the exterior after painting the front door black, mulching the front, planting a row of hostas on the left side of the fence, moving up the peonies to the corner, and adding a fence.

I also painted the  mail box red. I took off that screen door before I sold it (it was broken)

Up close to the front porch 

*** Front Porch ***
The porch just blended in with the rest of the house so we added some color

And the after..

*** Living Room ***
Our front door opens up to our very long living room that has a wood burning fireplace in the middle of it (see bottom right) and has a huge opening to the dinning room. The room was also grungy white

So figuring out seating, a television, and focus points is rather difficult. 

The after..
We painted the living room in a neutral green color (crocodile tears by Olympic), moved around the furniture, had a bookcase made by my dad, added  homemade muslin curtains and spruced up the entry way

The other side of the living room with seating and very small TV

*** Dinning Room ***
The dinning room was traditionally boring

The wall across from the window I painted an orangey-taupe color for an accent wall

and added orangey-red curtains high and wide. 

*** Kitchen***
The kitchen is pretty big and lacks serious counter space
It was also, yup.. grungy white

The kitchen went through the most changes
The first being this country blue
(sorry the pictures are very blurry)

The kitchen ended up with a soft white paint color and a blackboard wall (not pictured)

*** Guest Room ***
This room was a kids room before we moved in and wall to wall blue

We painted the walls a grey/blue color with white trim

In the end the windows got a high and wide treatment of gray homemade curtains and wood blinds. I also moved the bed to the other side (not pictured). 

*** Master bed Room ***

This room started as a beige textured mess (excuse our mess)
It was just so clashy with our bed and bedding.

The bedroom was painted a blue color

and added brown black out curtains, high and wide

The bed ended up at the wall with no window (not pictured)

*** Third bed Room ***
The third "bedroom" was the dilemma room. It had two doors and two closets. It use to be the kitchen and was hard to make useful, not to mention the wood paneling.

As you can see, the dilemma of space and room

I brightened the room by painting the paneling white

I took out that bi-fold door and placed a curtain

and made this room into a 2nd guest room

This room was staged as a hang out and a place to watch tv (not pictured)

*** Half bathroom ***

Our half bath was right off the dinning room so it was used by guests, a lot. 
It was also frog tape green.

It just felt smaller than it was

I painted the walls a dark blue gray color and replaced the blinds with a diy roman shade

and old pencil sharpener towel holder

Here is a video of right before I showed the house that shows most if not all the not pictured finishings.

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