Wednesday, November 18, 2009

a new beginning..

so today is the last unofficial day of work because this is my last day of vacation.. and thats it. all done no more starbucks. I have been working so much at Alpha and i really enjoy it and its such good experience for me. Right now i don't need to worry about money or school or anything right now and that is such a good feeling not knowing what will come next or how many hours i can squeeze out of the system it is kinda nice. This week i have over 50 hours at Alpha and 19 at starbucks for this week so that is fine with me. I start school on my sisters birthday it is all piecing itself together which is what i need right now. So at the end of 2011 if all goes well i will have a bachelors degree in nursing, own a house with my love, have over 2 years nursing experience and hopefully be married. Nothing is for certain, but they do have a way of working out. YAY! cant wait to see what happens next.

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