Sunday, October 17, 2010

hello.. again my long lost friend

I have been very bad about keeping you up to date .. but I am back for now. Life has been busy but in reality I wouldn't want it any other way. I have changed what I want for our wedding yet again but it really doesn't matter simply because we are not there yet. And once more more friends are either a. getting engaged/married or b. breaking up. For the latter it is so surprising and depressing because these are friends that I thought would be first but no they are breaking up left and right. =(

You know I am at work right now.. what do you really expect?

new project.. so in our house WE LOVE HALLOWEEN, but we have no decorations. give us a break we are starting from scratch so today I went on a hunt to find some and out something together while peter has been away to chicago this weekend. Its nothing big and we don't have any pumpkins outside but I do kinda love it.

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  1. ur first pic isnt showing up for me. =( who broke up? hope all is well with you. cute decorations!


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