Friday, January 21, 2011

GO bold or go HOME!

SO this week i have been working on my NEW office. We are getting a roommate upstairs which is going to take my OLD office I have been working on for-evvvvvveeeeeeerrrrrrrr so I moved downstairs in the basement. I have a lot more space and pretty much can do whatever I want because no one comes down here. so I have no before pictures but its a basement and I need to get a new rug so don't judge. 

Wah lah! new space and organized chaos.. my  favorite. =)
I love it by the way. 

<3. S

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  1. i love the counter area with the scissors hanging above it ... very organized. plus i LOVE your redone chair. everytime i see it i think i should do the same to the one in our "office."


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