Monday, January 17, 2011

So.. this is ..

What I have so far.. 1. (Finally!) a budget 0f 10,000-12500.00
Budget break down right now:
a. dress paid for and done $750
bridesmaids are wearing gray/pewter tea length dresses
b. food $2000 (no deposit required because we know the guy and we have to finalize the menu when we know a head count, which has been the hardest part of all f this)
c. venue $450 (for the whole building and for the whole day, pretty siked about that)
d. my cousin will take the pictures and we will have disposable cameras on all the tables $500
so as of right now we are at $3700 
 2. a venue, we are getting married in an office building called the gateway building in the research park of town. 
Ceremony site

atrium purple wall is going to be the sign in area maybe the cake wall
(the rugs and chairs can all be moved to make a dance floor)

yellow curved wall is going to be the band wall 

3. I was thinking of stringing these lights above the atrium to give that ambiance. 
4. I found these awsome center pieces on here (which is a great blog and I have gotten so many ideas)_ the hard part is putting them all together

I also like these candles to go on side of said center pieces, but we are unsure if we can have candles and if we can't will the plastic fake one give off the same ambience?

5. I also want to do a candy bar and a small cake, which  I am actually really excited to get started on and work on that. I have not looked into getting a cake yet but I will get there, it's not a priority for me right now. We will also have tags instead of a sign in book because I don't like the idea of not have a book I WILL NEVER READ and this way we can get a shadow box and put up the ones we like, etc. 

6. Still on the hunt for flowers.. don't know if the best bet is to go to the grocery store the same day because we are only using them for out bouquets. 

7. Still in the process of finding a band (we want live music and thats something we have always wanted) so we have narrowed it down to 3 local choices who we are going to see live this weekend and go from there. 

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  1. very cool venue. id look for clearance cmas lights now. do you have a costco near you? they have better flowers than a grocery store. im pretty sure you can special order certain kinds of flowers too. love the candles! good job and good luck!!! <3

  2. thanks lady.. no costco but we have other stores I think I will buy from. Yeah I was looking at target and there lights like the above ones dont go onsale til the spring.. weird I know but oh well. <3. S

  3. Cute! I thought you guys were going to do it at your house?

  4. Change of plans due to weather and bathrooms being major concerns.


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