Saturday, July 30, 2011

7 days out!

WE ARE 7 DAYS OUT, 7 DAYS!!! holy cow that is crazy.
I picked up my altered dress today from the dress store and I fell in love with it all over again. The look..

Jackie O. I also had my hair trial this week. 

I only have 2 complaints and changes. The right side has pin curls..
which I love, but my bangs did not stay very long. I was thinking of starting small and getting larger. Also, this side looks really wet from the hairspray and I do not like it at all. I also finished my bird cage veil, what do you think? Make up will be the same except red lipstick, opinions much?

Did I mention I also skinned my knees on tuesday? They hurts and I feel like a little kid. Thats all, all done. 


  1. The pin curls are beautiful! Great choice.

  2. i LOVE the pin curls. i agree about the too much hairspray. you did an AMAZING job on the veil. i am SO sad i wont be able to come out for it and will send you package as soon as i finish it (aka you might get it after the wedding)! know that i LOVE you so much and am SO excited for you! <3


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