Monday, August 15, 2011


So the decorations were my favorite part of the wedding and mainly the only part I did not stress out about. So lets start with the office building we rented for $450 for all day. ITs an office building and we worried that it would look like it, but it didn't. We had a team of friend set up the morning of which was ran by our friend Jessie. Who was in charge as seen by the whistle. She was amazing and we really could not have done it without her.

So we (I should say she) turned our office building into this..

This is from the foyer up on the second story looking down. There are lights and lanterns strung across the opening. We had 3 very ong (40ft) tables for everyone to sit at. Each place setting had a homemade napkin and a cup. There were 3 centerpieces at each table with mason jars set sporadically in between which had candles in them. There were wine bottles with water also set along each table so guests could help them selves.

With people and the band set up and playing. The lights are on in these photos.

My maid of honor hayley, in front of the backdrop f the ceremony. 3 Wooden vintage doors hinged together. With a vase of gladiolas on each side. It was perfect. 

Card box on the gift table.

More gifts .. with pictures of us growing up in the red frames

Welcome table with note cards to say hello, etc.

Close up.

Window menu board, which was a big hit and for only $2 it was awsome.

Our band, which was a local blue grass band. They were amazing and a big hit at our wedding.

So here are some of the details if you have any questions let me know. hope you enjoy it.

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