Monday, August 22, 2011

the decline of an uphill battle..

So I never thought today would come. Today was the last first day of nursing school (BSN) I will ever have. WIth that being said lets start from the beginning..
 I knew that I always wanted to be in the health care industry after knowingly know that my 6 year old cousin died and that should have never happened ( I always thought and still do that if he lived in a less urban area or where my parents live he would have ben able to go to St. Judes and everything would have been ok, but it might be that sometimes i am naive). I always carried around my playskool stethoscope and played nurse/doctor and "made people better." I decided and took on the challenge of a medical magnet high school that my mom warned me about but I did it anyway.
Well, college was a joke for me and did not take it seriously until a few years ago and this made it very difficult for me to get into any nursing program in California, I probably applied to over 10 schools in 3 years and each one was filled with more disappointment than the last. This was one reason we  moved 2000 miles away. I had heard a rumor that it was just easier and you didn't even need to finish your pre-reqs (even though I had them done already). When I moved to chicago I looked and looked but never took it too seriously and honestly I had other things to worry about at the time. Well when I moved down here I looked for every loop hole way around nursing school and just began ferociously applying (because science courses expire in 5 years and I was fast approaching that time line). I applied to the local community college, the university (with no hopes of getting in to a non-nursing program) and the LCON (the program I am in now). I didn't get excepted to the cc or the university, but I got that one letter I had been so desperately seeking that I almost through it away because I couldn't take another rejection and I didn't believe it to be real. Well.. IT WAS!!
That is not all.. nursing school has been filled with trials and tribulations especially in the first semester. I had a very hard time keeping it all together. There was one class where we had to take a standardized test (the ati) in which you had to pass (level 2 or 3) in order to pass the class and got 2 tries to do it in. Well, I didn't pass either time by one point. I spent 2 hours just crying in my teachers office and there was nothing that could be done this was policy. This was last spring and during the summer I took one class and revamped my attitude, but when I sat in that office all i wanted to was quit and I did not tell anyone this for a very long time, I felt so ashamed. Now i realize it was all for the better and has made me a better person and has given me more opportunity.
So this is why I never thought this day would never come but now it here and gone and I only have 16 more weeks left of nursing school. woo hoo!


  1. I'm so proud of you! You are going to be the worlds best nurse!!

  2. THank you so much Hayley, I know you probably knew most of this but it felt good to just blurt it all out and start fresh. I love you so much.


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