Monday, April 1, 2013

Our Honeymoon

I know its been almost two years since P and I went on our honeymoon, but I realized the other day as I was rumaging through stuff that I did not post anything about our honeymoon.. oops. 

Well, here you go..

Where did we go: Excellence resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic; Adult all inclusive
How did you pick: (Our only) Friend recomendation
Who did you go through: The Excellence website here; I was originally going to go through travelocity but I had issues booking the tickets and than when I called, I could not understand them, so I had enough.
How long were you there: Sunday to Saturday

What did you do: Our resort had activities set up from about 6 am to about 10pm every day, that you could choose to participate in. Some of the activities included: horse back riding, intro scuba diving, snorkeling, canoing in the ocean, volleyball (sand and pool) and other misc. games.

Best part: All the activities and because its all adults, mostly couples, so its easy to set up dates for later in the evening. 
Worse part: The non-ethnic food left little to be desired
Did you buy anything: We tipped when we felt appropriate or when someone would go out of there way for us. An older man was trimming the palm trees and he was knocking off the cocunuts (a liability) and he cam down opened one up with a machetti for us and we drank out of it.. so cool. We wanted to go scuba diving, we took the intro class (free) than learned about the other intracacies once we paid to go and went off to another resort and went. I freaked out as soon as I got in the ocean, but our instructor from our resort only worried about us and took my hand, calmed me down and we went. I had a blast. We also brought bread and bananas with us and watched as the fished engulfed us.. so cool. We bought small trinkets to bring back with us as well.
Was it weird being in a foreign coutry: In the Dominican Republic they speak spanish and I knew enough to get by but almost everyone on the resort knew english.

We met some pretty amazing people on our honeymoon and had a great week there.
I would highly recommend going there.

I was not paid or perked to write this post and 100% of this post is my own opinion.


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