Thursday, March 28, 2013

marathon: #8

While I was in LA last week, besides reminiscing about my past I was running a marathon
So, lets preface with I did not train, I was wrong and it hurt.
Ok, so we got that out of the way.
(You can find race recaps and old  times here)

The course began at dodger stadium and ended at santa monica beach.
The course started with hills (or if your a midwesterner or me they felt like mountains)

I split the race in 3: downtown LA, Hollywood and the beach

You ran through downtown LA
Passing the opera house (that we use to frequent) and the disney concert hall

Than off to hollywood where people were lined down the streets being energetic and just a good time. 
My best friend was in hollywood waiting for me.
That and her song call me maybe pretty much made that section.
Leaving hollywood to get to the beach, we passed West hollywood where "The Queens" were hanging out in the masses. Probably one of my favorite parts because of the effort and they looked so good.

After this point in the race I fell apart and just wanted it to be over.
I eventually picked my self back up thanks to my sister and kept it going.
It was hard, but you know I finished it running.
My official time was 6:13. Not my best or my worst.

My medal was the best part, that and totally vegging out on inn n out with my mom after.
(sorry I have no other pictures, the official ones I can no longer use and there pretty bad too)

Any goals or runs you have completed recently?

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