Thursday, June 5, 2014

The apartment: The dinning room

Alright, I think its time to share with you where we have been living for the last 6 months. 
When we moved to California I guess we knew we couldn't afford a house, but didn't expect to live in a one bedroom apartment. We are making it work for us.

My goal for this space was to bring in a lot of color and make it more personal than our home.
This place is still a work in progress, so we are starting with the room that is probably the furthest along.. our dinning room.

When you walk into the apartment you walk into the living room which is open to the dinning room. 

I bought these chairs for $5 each, a little white paint and fabric from ikea and this is what i ended up with

I love these chairs.

That curtain I bought at target and hemmed it with hem tape. It hides that beautiful air conditioner, but blocks the sunlight. 

Painting: gifted from my mother in law done by my brother in law
Table: from our house from my mother in law
Chairs: $20
Curtain: $15
Lace table cloth: already had (I think its from ikea's fabric section)

Not too shabby for a whole dinning room. It is also very cozy.

What do you think?


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