Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Baby fever

 So is it me or has everyone seriously been pregnant this year?
I feel like I have made a ton of blankets since March (thats only 6 months ago).
So for your viewing pleasure, here they are
They are all a little different .. I need variety in my life
It started when one of my really close friends adoption went through
1. Aqua and teal shell pattern

That got me started on the everyone else.. And my creative juices going
Next was a friend having her second boy and me getting a little ambitious,
so ambitious it took me an extra 6 months to finish.
2. Ombré blue apache pattern
Than my sis in law who was having her first child (boy)
3. Forrest green popcorn stitch (on top of that pile)

heres a better picture

a friend in chicago with her first (boy)
4. Raindow yarn V stitch with a twist blanket

Its a funny story because my sis in law, this friend in chicago and I were all at my bro in laws wedding 2 and half years ago and now having all our children in the same year

a good friend having her second, a girl
5. Flowers in the garden
Grey and pink single crochet with crocheted tulips added

a friend having twins (boys), I made two blankets using the same yarn but two different patterns and borders
6. A blue popcorn and green shell

 a friend had a premie baby (girl) she was just able to take home.
7. Purple wave pattern

and one for my baby
8. a color block single crocheted blanket


I still have 4 more to make this year and one I can't show you yet since it has not been sent out yet.
What is your go to gift for new babies?

~ Steph ~


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