Wednesday, October 8, 2014

baby update: 1 month

Miss Willow is 1 month old (as of last week), I am a little late to the party.

Our time at home started a little rough with jaundice and weight issues, we had to start supplementing and sunbathing our little peanut. As of her 4th day of life she was back up to 6.7 lbs from 6.3 lbs the day before and her jaundice levels were within normal, so we were in the clear.

we attempted a milk in where we stayed inside all day and just nursed the heck out her trying to increase my milk supply. 

At two weeks old, we still had out belly button stub and were showing off our muscles. 

At three weeks, grandma Sena visited from chicago. 
We had another drs apt and she was 7.13 lbs and 21 1/2 in long.
we also started doing tummy time. 

Right before four weeks, we took our first airplane ride to sacramento to meet auntie k and uncle s and meet up with daddy for the weekend. She slept on both flights and did really well until we were on the ground and not moving.

we took a ferry to san francisco for the day

beautiful views from the back of the ferry

on the airplane on the way back home.

Miss Willow at a whole month.

She can hold up her head sometimes, likes the car seat about 70% of the time, loves baths, likes to fight sleep, and eats her hands a lot.

~ Steph ~

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