Saturday, December 20, 2014

Traditions of the christmas kind

Let’s talk about traditions for a moment, shall we. As a person “new” to parenting, it is funny  to think that we make up the traditions our children will remember. As a child my sister and I got to open one gift on christmas eve prior to santa coming. Every year we opened a gift from out faux grandmother and every year it was books or a gift card to get books. We discovered many book series because of this. 

For the last eight years, P and I have been together we have a ONE ornament a year rule. For the last several years they have been sentimental in one way or another. Well, this year we had a baby.. so what other way to show that in years to come. Our little theme this year seems to be her hands. It seems themes may be a tradition we may keep in the future, as this is the second year with a true theme. Last years theme was houses which you can find here


So, this year we used a hand making kit we received at our baby shower to make an imprint of Miss Willows hand into an ornament. It is quite the perfect way to remember her being so small for her first christmas. I am quite infatuated with all of her little parts lately, they grow up so fast. 

Our christmas cards also include little Willows hand in a glove. The glove was already cut out from the Paper source and I used a regular stamp pad to get the hand print. Tied a little string around the glove and it was that easy. 
I am really happy with the way things turned out.


What are your family traditions, especially around the holidays?

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