Thursday, December 5, 2013

Oh the christmas house(s)

This year by accident, my christmas theme is houses. Weird.. I know, but that’s what happened. 

We moved into our new home this past weekend. It’s a one bedroom apartment that we are currently making comfortable. (More pictures to come once all the boxes are unpacked and such.) As a side note, I hate moving, even though this experience has been rather pleasant.

Coincidentally the christmas cards I started in October (yup, you read that right and they are barely getting finished now) also  have cute little houses on them and I kinda love how simple but cute they are. Are you making christmas cards this year?

Lastly, our ornament this year. If you missed the post last christmas on why we only get one ornament a year go here. I found this cute little light up house at joann’s in November and knew I wanted it because we sold out house in Illinois and we never had an ornament that signified our living in that house.

So there you are, my house themed christmas. Pretty ironic it all came together by accident. Are you working on anything right now? Christmas related?


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