Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Ipad this and Ipad that

                  After a poll on facebook, I was convinced to run not walk to go get an ipad
mainly for traveling, well I soon discovered that its small size is so convenient for much more that that.

Well, I have been busy DIYing as much as I can as I prepare to move into a new (to me) apartment. 
As I was perusing Pinterest I found a lot of inspiration for christmas gifts and gifts for myself.
I found this Ipad stand/chalkboard

I fell in love with it instantaneously and convinced my Dad to help me make it 
along with some other gifts.. which I can't spill just yet.

We took some extra wood he had laying around and cut it to size. 

We used the exact measurements in the tutorial except added a ledge on the back for easy moving of the stand. The ledge was created by nailing a piece of rounded trim to the back. 

I love it and I am not as worried about spilling something on the counter and it ruining my lovely ipad. 
It is also great for baking and following recipes easier.

Do you something like this? Do you just love your ipad?


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